Monday, March 7, 2016

8-inch Professional Chef's Knife

I am always looking for new items to give my son-in-law. He is a little hard to buy for since he has most everything. The one thing he can use even though he has many is a knife. He owns a restaurant and always on lookout for new ones. They get taken or just don't perform good. I got this one for him to give a go. The handle has raised blisters, knots so it gives you something to hold on to better. He liked that. Also the color of the handle made it easy to spot when he was looking for it in the drawer.(I sort of changed this by getting him magnetic rack to put more used knifes on) He liked it for cutting through but not for dicing. The weighted handle slowed him down when he diced. Commented it was very sharp now but he really wants a few weeks to see how it holds up. It did make a nice gift and provided us with a bit more conversation. Will key you in if they are any negative points with it later on but for now he's good to go in the kitchen. These are my own findings a true impartial review of an item I received at a DISCOUNTED PRICE as a promotion.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Butcher Knife

I want to make sure you understand I received a package stating 12 in knife and not an 8 in knife as listed. I read further and it was my mistake. It is listed by blade size and not complete knife. I even contacted my representative to ask about it. However the structure, handle and blade are all exactly as stated . I am glad it never needs sharpening because I can't. I learned a long time ago you get cut with a dull knife more often than a sharp one because you tend to apply to much pressure. This one is very sharp. Apples are my test and it did great. I will post pic of them. I like the balance of the handle also, it is easy to make the right cuts. Since I grew up on a farm we used a butcher knife to cut up large pieces of meat. We did cut through bones. I tried on a small ham bone in center cut, it cut meat great but less than needed to get through bone easily. I consider this a great chef knife but not a butcher knife. The blade is thin and my experience it should be a bit thicker for bones. I did not want to keep forcing and break it so I just stopped. I am well pleased to have it in my kitchen as I don't have a big need to cut through bones. IN EXCHANGE for my true impartial review, my own findings.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Arabica Coffee Scrub

Just love the smell. I have been trying some new scrubs and when I saw one with coffee I knew I had to order it. I spend a lot of time in the elements being a miner. I can't afford the luxury of going only when the weather is good. My skin is exposed to temps from below zero to over 100 at times. I am prone to dry skin and need help anyways. This leaves a nice silky moisturized feeling. It isn't greasy like some are. I have used it for only a few days and have not seen changes to my stretch marks.Since they have been there for over 40 years I believe it will take more time to see an improvement. I plan to keep using it just for the feel it gives me my skin. The others being more oily and not as dry was to much for my face but I am able to use this one on my face. It feeds the skin keeping it hydrated and giving it less wrinkle retention. IN EXCHANGE for my true impartial review, my own findings, I received this product at a DISCOUNT

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

HOONT Pest Control

Spider and Bed Bug Repeller Link  You will need one unit for each room where you have a problem. Make sure you do not place anything in front of them to block. I placed mine on the kitchen counter. Soon afterwards I saw what I thought was a dust blob, wrong it was a spider that was verily moving. So without chemicals or sprays in my kitchen this has done the job. This glows to a nice golden color and my cats watched it intensely as it flickered. I had it placed where the shade hit it and the 'auto on' at dark and 'auto off' by day was making it flicker. This says the electromagnetic causes in-wall wiring to send electronic pulse signals, thus acting as a shield and effectively preventing these annoying insects from passing through your home's walls.I could say that's how it does it but I have not seen anymore since it was plugged in.So I say it is an extremely effective item. I wanted a fair amount of time to test it so my review was a little late. It was so easy to set up I took it out of the box and plugged it into the wall and left. IN EXCHANGE for my true impartial review, my own findings, I received this Promotional Item at no cost

4 Pack Pest Control Link
So glad these came in a four pack, you need one in each large room of up to 320 sq ft. Very easy to use simply plug the device into your wall sockets and leave.Ultrasonic sound cannot go around corners or penetrate hard surfaces so DO-NOT block them with anything. These are great to protect your home from unwanted pests without using dangerous chemicals, sprays or traps. There are so many dangers associated with the other methods and this one has no bad interactions. You just wouldn't want it around any rat type pet as it is used to run rats away.100% satisfaction guarantee so there is nothing to loose but those pesty intruders.A LED indicator light lets you know the waves are working. There is also a soothing blue LED night light with on/off switch being easy to get at I tried these at my Moms. She is now in a new home where ants had become a problem. She has not seen anymore since we placed them. We have tried other Hoont products at my house with equally good results .The variable technological multi- frequency waves is how it works but since they are inaudible to me I just trust that's what makes them work. IN EXCHANGE for my true impartial review, my own findings, I received this Promotional Item at no cost

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let's Get Started ..... Doing Amazon Reviews

How to apply for Membership to a group or site. Okay you have all made at least 5 reviews. Right? Most if not all will reject you if you haven't. You select the group or site from below.  You will click the link. They will have a form or profile to fill out. You need to know the following. Your name exactly as it appears on Facebook, your name exactly as it appears on Amazon, your Amazon Public Profile Link.  To make it easier I put all these bits of info in the document where we put our sentences.You will need this all the time.
To find your Facebook name go to Facebook and log in. What is in on your welcome page top left center is it. That is exactly what you write on form. Some even want your link. So Copy and paste the address field for them from above at this time.
To find your Amazon name go to your Amazon account. Click on tab to your left that says Your Account, page down almost to bottom. You will see a section that says Personalization in brown. Then a heading that says Community in black, under it is Your Public Profile. Click this tab. It will take you to page you need. There you will see your name as Amazon lists it. This is what you put in forms. If you have not made a profile now is the time to do it.To make profile. Click on Public Profile Settings to your right. Fill out on the info include a photo too. Photo of self helps get offers. Make info interesting so you will get picked. 
To find your Public Amazon Profile: Oh you just went to it didn't you? Go up to the address bar while on the page in step above and copy. Again paste it in the form.This is your profile.
That is all you need to get started. Happy Reviewing !

Okay lets start with the easy ones.This is not all the groups by any means just ones I am familiar with. Here is a Site list: 
UPDATE as of OCT 3, 2016 REVIEWS can not be posted on Amazon of a free or discounted item. I will use a Blog only for reviews.

1.   Elite  group by invitation only Here is invitation,
It may ask for my email address for referral which is . This groups will email you with what they are going to post around 9 am EST. They post at 10 EST, 2 pm EST and 8 pm EST. Make sure you are on your dashboard because the best deals go in a matter of minutes. They allow 1 purchase in the morning and then more in the afternoon to give more people opportunity to get items.
7.   ( Easy group no administrator)

I will add more later so refer back to this post. Oh by the way, Please leave me a comment if only to say you like the help. It helps me get my Blog noticed by the search engines.
​Tired Groups posted here tomorrow. Here are the Facebook Groups. Click  DESCRIPTION on page of group you choose first and read before you push button JOIN  as some require you to send your Amazon Profile first.

1.       Amazon_Review_Queens
2.        Vixen Reviews​
3.       Amazon Deals & Freebies for Reviews 
4.        Bona Fide Amz Reviewers
5.                      Cooke's Amz, Freebies and Great Deals

6.                             Exclusive Amazon Review Group
7.           Free (or near free) Product for Review
8.           Product Review Group 2015
9.                 Reviews To Riches
10.           That's So Fetch Reviews 
11.         The Grinch Who Gives Review Group

Now  that you're a REVIEWER you must read the rules upon approval to the group.They are statements you need to agree to and fill out. Each group is different and some have more than one form. Look in post at top of groups as well as under files.
Some groups are by invitation only through email they are secret and/or closed without it.  If you send me your email  I will send you an invite.  Sometimes they are even contests for inviting other reviewers.  

NO NOS and Must DO's
1.  Now please always do your reviews in time stated. 
2.  Never do more till you have the product for 3 days. Just because you have it does not mean it is classified as received. You can push the tracking button on item before doing review to make sure it shows received. If not email Amazon or the seller. Sometimes you get a product directly from the seller and you do not place the order. Make sure you make picture of package it came in for verification and post pictures of product so there is no doubt you received it.
3.  Make sure you leave 3 full sentences. Some want 75 words or more so read what is expected on each group.
4.  If you have a problem with a product contact the Administrator of the group first. They will talk to the seller. ONLY in the case that there is no administrator do you ever contact the seller.
5.  Do not get a product and not turn in a review. Your name will be shared on all groups and you will stop getting offers.
6.  Some send codes in emails now, some in chats. Know your group.
7.  Make sure you keep a spreadsheet or a  file where each offer is from. If you misplace or forget where it is from you can't send them your review link.You will no longer get offers.
8.   Do Not whine about stuff, just contact the administrator if there is a problem.
9.   If you don't get an item on time or have another reason for being late, let the administrator know as soon as possible.
10.  Above all the disclosure statement is not allowed on Amazon or reviews of discounted or free items as of 10/03/16, You can do a Blog or Social Media. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Stainless Steel Coliander

Every kitchen should have a selection of colanders rinse vegetables, make pasta, and perform other prep tasks more efficiently.This is a nice stainless steel colander, perfect for day-to-day use, having a base for keeping it upright on the counter-top and stable in the sink. plus two sturdy plastic handles.The handles can be hung from hooks for storage, which helps save space and de-clutter your kitchen. No worry about the heat traveling to your hands when something hot is in it.The holes at the bottom are very effective in draining liquids quickly. Also the added height of the base also improves sanitation when placed on prep tables or the sink. ***IN EXCHANGE for my true impartial review, my own findings, I received this Promotional Item at no cost.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Electric Sharpener

The sharpener does all the work and the container captures all the shavings. No mess and so easy to empty when full. My watercolor pencils are sharp to a fine point which helps me in their use. I would recommend this for home or office use as it is quiet and fast. Does not waste the pencil and standard sizes of all types fit in. This sharpener is a heavy duty plastic and the front is a thinner clear plastic so you can see. You don't have to worry though because it stops automatically when done. Nice small compact size that doesn't take up much room on your desk. Battery operated and uses 4 AA batteries that you supply so make sure you have them on hand. Wish it took less batteries but is my only complaint. ***IN EXCHANGE for my true impartial review, my own findings, I received this Promotional Item at no cost.***

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